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  • The Fallacy of Gun Control as a Means of Behavior Change

    (This article was originally posted by Darrell Bernard Harrison on his site back on December 5, 2015) In 1975, the band Earth, Wind, & Fire released an album entitled That’s the Way of the World. Thirty years later, in 2005, Rolling… Read More ›

  • Safe Families Strive to Keep Kids Safe, Family Together

    There was this kid I knew back in elementary school. He seemed like a normal, decent, good all-American boy. But things did not seem right at home. Nobody could ever put there finger on it. But they knew that this… Read More ›

  • My State of the NFL: We Will Not Stand for Goodell

    As he does every year the week of the Super Bowl, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell held his state-of-the-NFL address. And this year was no different. But after 12 years as the commissioner of this once great empire of Sundays, ‘the… Read More ›

  • SOTU For the Ages: American Spirit, Achievement, Heroes, and ‘Unity’

    In an uplifting speech focused on American achievement driven by the success of his first year in office, Donald J. Trump gave a rousing National ‘pep talk’ about the need to end partisanship and support his agenda that, for all… Read More ›