The Color of Love: Chick-fil-A Woos Fans with Kindness…and Chicken

Patriot Gaines

Chik fil A Photo (1)

On a cold, blustery December day in 1999, I quickly made it to the entrance door at the Battlefield Mall in Springfield, MO, primarily to escape the wrath of the swirling wind that sent the cold air cutting through my lightweight, fleece jacket. If I had a do-over that day I would have worn the leather coat! Once inside, I began to refocus my attention on my purpose of going to the mall in the first place: lunch!

So, off to the food court I go looking for something hot, delicious, and fast (getting all of three of these in one place is like winning the lottery, but one could hope), as the man in me had no intention in staying at the mall once I’d consumed mass quantities of delicious food.

When I arrived, my senses become overwhelmed with what to choose. Who would of thought choosing what to…

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