2017 Year in Review: Part I

MSM Failure to Report Truth Continues to be The Story.

With the dawn of a new year on the horizon, hope springs eternal at the flip of the calendar. New resolutions, healthier eating, hitting the gym with some frequency, and just basically turning over a new leaf. A new year allows us to put old habits behind us and start anew with a clean slate.

But the best laid plans usually don’t make it beyond the third week of January. You realize that going to the gym everyday when it’s -3 degrees is a chore you can do without. You start to see the voluminous January fast food bargains as a way to save a buck, while giving up another salad of spring mix (hold the dressing) with a side of tofu!

But where most see the new year as a new lease on life’s foolish behavior, the MainStream Media sees the new year as business as usual. That is, form the story to fit the employer’s agenda while continuing to shape the outcomes of it’s readers to believe the nonsense that they continue to feed us.

So, we’ve decided at Patriot Gaines to provide you with a year-in-review with a special twist in honor of all those heavy-hitters; the networks; the leftwing news outlets; and, epecially, that original cable news channel that so few people turn to for real news anymore (don’t say fake news, don’t so fake news). We present to you (in four parts) our 2017 Year In Review Special with Part I. (List is in ascending order by least to most egregiously in error, giving no consideration to sequential order that the event occurred):

The Top Ten Stories Of 2017 That the MSM Got Wrong.

10. Civil unrest & violence on college campuses and in free-speech zones are right-wing driven. False.


If you read the news blindly this year, CNN, NBC, and many others would have you believe that damage to property and bodily harm towards bystanders were the work of Trump supporters and people supporting “right-wing” causes. But when we look at the facts, it doesn’t add up. Let’s look at two high-profile events this year to find out what happened.

Berkeley protests Feb 1: Both CNN and the L.A. Times reported that “pro-Trump” And “right-wing Group’s” had caused the violence and devastation to property on the flagship U.C. campus. But as Daily Caller reports, the L.A. Times story shows that Robert Reich, labor secretary under Bill Clinton and current Berkeley professor, was not only wrong, but purposely misleading to suggest right-wing groups were responsible for the February 1st violence on the U.C. Berkeley campus.

“The black-clad demonstrators — identified as a loosely-assembled group called black bloc — destroyed barricades, threw Molotov cocktails at police officers, smashed windows at a Starbucks and an Amazon store, started a fire and assaulted a Trump supporter with pepper spray on the Cal campus.”, according to The Daily Caller article.

NBC, reporting on the same story, said: “the Berkeley P.D. Said at least 3 or 4 people were injured during the protest, but did not provide details (even though factual details were available through AP reports at that time)…(the campus) met an early demise Wednesday as protesters decrying (polarizing right-wing rhetoric) grew violent.” Yeah, because opposing viewpoints are always an excuse to blow out the windows of a Starbucks.

Other stories would include, the Patriot Prayer in San Francisco in August, where politicians from the Golden State chimed in to turn the blame on the right for expressing their opinion in a peaceful manner. Nancy Pelosi released a statement ahead of the demonstration while trying to block the protest, well before any unlawful exchanges had taken place to condemn right-wingers for violence that had never been initiated. she went on to show her true hatred for the right, falsely claiming that the rally was a “white supremacist” event.

9. Sutherland Springs shooting happened because guns are legal. False.


The sources for this false narrative are endless. But my personal favorite was the rant from Dallas Morning News Editorial Writer, Michael A. Lindenberger, on Nov 5:

“The grief has begun but is still so raw we might ask, as we normally do: Is it the right time to talk about guns? About America’s unusual embrace of guns and gun culture, and whether that has anything to do with these heart-stopping and life-rending events?” Michael asks.

“Why they are so bloody? So numbingly frequent?

Or is now not a good time? Is it, perhaps, too soon?” He changes tone as the rhetoric escalates to familiar heights, “Hell no, it is not too soon. Call it past time. Say it’s a conversation grossly in arrears. If we do not talk about this violence and the role guns play in it now, then when will we ever find the heart, the guts and the determination to do so?”

“Well, I’ll tell you when. Never. Not even when a young gunman lays waste to an elementary school. Not when Omar Mateen, with his history of domestic violence and recent gun purchases, kills more than 50 in Orlando’s gay nightclub Pulse. Not when two ISIS-inspired converts in San Bernardino, Calif., run their ruinous rampage.”

The issue, as he stated with raw emotion, was not gun laws or whether people can legally purchase guns. But as Fox News contributor Stephen L. Miller put it, government employees failing to do their job is what allowed this tragedy to happen.

“But as was revealed (by this tragic incident), in what is becoming a common theme in these mass shootings, no amount of background checking would have stopped the shooter in Sutherland Springs, Texas from purchasing his firearm, because the federal government failed to do his job properly.” Miller was referring to the now infamous report that the shooter, Devin Kelley, was not allowed to possess a firearm following a domestic dispute involving the former Air Force Airman. But since Kelley was not entered into the national database, according to Air Force officials, he was able to pass a background check.

8. The Alabama Senate Special Election results are evidence that Democrats will be wildly successful in the midterm elections of 2018. You guessed it…False.


“Here comes the big blue wave”, says Steve Kraske of the Kansas City Star. “Democrats are poised and prepped for what appears to be a midterm election of their dreams.”

The real story came from many independent sources, and the usual small minority of MSM news organizations that know otherwise. And that real story is this: it was four issues, all of which centered around things unrelated to voters swinging towards a democrat ticket, that decided the outcome of this highly publicized event.

7. Tension between DPRK and US is Trump’s fault. False (This is becoming a habit).


I know what your thinking. Trump can be rude and crass without any provocation. Yes, he says disparaging things that a diplomat would not say, let alone a sitting president. But Teddy was Teddy. Jimmy was Jimmy. And Donald is Donald. Kim Jung Un is the closest world leader we’ve had to Adolph Hitler….well, since Adolph Hitler!

So forgive me for saying with utter confidence that it’s not Trump placing us on the brink of war. Besides, we went from an Obama approach that made us look weak, to asserting ourselves with Trump as a world power should assert itself.

And before you start calling the warmonger hotline, let’s try a little bedtime story that you parents can relate to (unless you are already a pushover…then you may be beyond hope)…

Say you have a 5 year old that has gotten away with no rules or discipline since birth. He’s been able to run around like a wild animal. Then, you bring in a nanny that places rules on him and ignores him when he throws a tantrum, until the 5 year old gets up and starts throwing his dinner at you after you cooked for an hour. Now you place in the corner and tell him he will get no dinner until he can behave. Yeah, no factual support needed, I agree. Let’s move on…

6. Take a Knee- The NFL Players are Part of a Modern-day Civil Rights Movement. Uhhhh, that’s false


Never has a business come apart at the seams as quickly as the National Football League. And with the bad publicity over domestic violence, CTE’s, poor support of retired veteran players, while allowing greed and Colin Kaepernick to alter your business model, the spector of disaster for the NFL has been looming for the better part of this decade.

So why isn’t this a Civil Rights matter like the players and the MSM is trying to tell us in a not so subtle manner? And why is it a matter of disrespect, an insult to people whom have served our country, and another poor excuse to blame Trump? We will unpack this delicate issue tomorrow, while revealing our top five stories that the MSM got wrong…

To Be Continued…

(Chris Gaines is an author and Editor-In-Chief of Patriot Gaines. He resides in the Cedar Valley of Northern Iowa along with his wife, Jennifer, and two kids, Patrick & Megan)

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