2017 Year in Review: Part II


(This is the second of our four-part Year in Review; the list is in ascending order by least to most egregiously in error. Continuing on with #6)

The Top Ten Stories of 2017 the MSM Got Wrong

6. Take a Knee- the NFL players are part of a modern-day civil rights movement. False.

Without reliving the drama of this ongoing saga again, the MSM got this wrong simply by taking sides. There are two main components to this issue. The players who kneel and the fans that are appalled by it. The MSM reported both sides of the story. But, once again, they CHOSE the side of the kneelers even though the NFL has lost an unprecedented amount of revenue by allowing this “protest” to continue. Both sides feel as though the other side does not get it. The MSM is reporting the loss of revenue as proof that America is oppressive, is hating on those of color (since the protest had evolved into such…again), and just doesn’t ever learn.

While the patriots (not New England, but our citizens) see it quite differently. They see a rich history within our National Anthem, and the story that it both tells and represents symbolically to these folks. They see their heritage, support of the military, and love of country being trampled under foot by these disrespectful, overpaid, unappreciative, blasphemous gladiators of the gridiron!

There is much more to say on this very emotional subject. But from our view, it is quite clear that, rather than simply present the facts of each side, the MSM has played judge, jury, and executioner on those that dare challenge the notion that players civil rights (which that is a contestable point as to whether or not this is such) is not the issue at hand. And as usual, the capitalist consequence the NFL is paying is not a relevant issue to them. This is not over…

5. Trumps Foreign Affairs Trip to Asia was a Fail. You are kidding me, right? FALSE!


The much publicized 12-day, five country trip through the backbone of the continent by Trump back in early November, was probably the most significant trip to these parts by a sitting president since Nixon restored diplomacy with China during his historic journey in 1972. By all measures that matter the most to foreign affairs, Donald J. Trump hit a home run; more like a grand slam!

Not so, says the MSM. Here is why they see this trip as a fail…

…and so on goes the hyperbole.

So let’s look at the facts on the trip that truly matter in the arena of foreign affairs:

There are many more acheivements I could cover. But this display by the MSM is proof that they cannot accept Trump as a true leader, and refuse to even see what is right in front of them.

4. The Women’s March on Washington was a triumphant protest and sent a message to President Trump on his first full day in office that women’s rights will not be ignored. False, as far as triumphs are concerned.


This march has reached a certain level of absurdity. First off, it represents such a small number of women whom actually share the views of the march leaders. Secondly, it was suppose to serve as a protest to Donald Trump defeating the self-acclaimed representative for all things woman, Hillary Rodham Clinton. But the fact remains (one that the MSM will never get) that 42 % of Trump voters were women! And third, the march leaders could not even agree with each other about what they were opposing and even representing!

3. The Muellar Investigation: Trump is trying to fire him before he reveals Trumps connection to Russia. True…no, of course it’s false!


Just as retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn was fired by Obama, and asked for his resignation by Trump, the President may very well fire Robert Muellar. But that does not mean that Donald Trump is trying to obstruct justice. As Barack Obama said for virtually the entire span of his presidency, Trump has literally inherited a mess from the Obama Administration. In fact, it appears to be more likely that the former president worked behind the scenes to keep this “shadowy” FBI structure in place, while trying to help Hillary Clinton defeat Trump. Does the Russian Dossier and Uranium One ring a bell?

All the Robert Muellar investigation has shown is that the FBI cannot be trusted, is operating as a rogue entity, and needs a serious personnel cleansing from top-to-bottom! That smell emanating from the Potomac is not the river, it’s the FBI! Trump is trying to get to the bottom of it. That’s his job, along with his cabinet, with the help of Congress. One has nothing to do with the other. If Trump was meddling in Russia, it would have shown by now. Nevertheless, he deserves his day in court and we deserve to know the truth about both FBI corruption and Trump meddling.

2. Las Vegas Massacre plot, mastermind, and assassin, was a gambling addict with no formal weapons training. Conspiracy theorists or not, everyone say it together…False!


In this case, I don’t blame the MSM for the lies; the corrupt outfit known as the FBI gets all of the blame for this one. Where the MSM is complicit, they simply were given bogus answers, and quietly loaded up the news van and moved on to another story without even trying to find an ounce of truth. We will revisit this coverup in January.

1, Russia colluded with Donald Trump to alter the 2016 Presidential Election. Still remains a big FALSE!


There has never been a smoking gun on this one. In fact, all the evidence points to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. But the truth needs to be sought in any case. Bottom line: the MSM wanted there to be collusion with Trump and Russia, and has become a case of the tail wagging the dog. If you can’t even find gunpowder, how do you expect to find a smoking gun. And if the MSM cared about finding the truth, why is the Las Vegas Massacre an open and shut case, but Russian meddling with Trump not?

Well, that is my list. I’d like to hear from you about what your top ten list would be; or if I missed an easy one. There are certainly others I could have included. But the main point of the story to end 2017 is the Main Stream Media needs to start providing real journalism that informs the people of our great nation. First amendment rights should not be taken lightly. News agencies need to stop being partisan.

We have become a nation of partisans. This creates animosity and distrust, and for good reason. If the media cannot be trusted we must go somewhere else for truth in reporting. So remember ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, and CNN, when you start complaining about independent news agencies, bloggers, and alternative newswires popping up every place with their silly news, you created the monster that you all dispise, because you failed the American People for too long.

So thank you for my new job. Keep up the crappy reporting. And I’ll keep trying my best to be honest with everyone and lead with integrity. I’m ready to up my game in 2018…are you?

(Chris Gaines is an author and Editor-In-Chief of Patriot Gaines. He resides in the Cedar Valley of Northern Iowa with his wife, Jennifer, and two kids, Patrick & Megan.)

Photo Sources: Fox News, Getty Images, SF Chronicle; Newsweek, Business Insider, and Time Magazine

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