Trump, UPSOTU & Why Reading the Memo is a Big Deal

President Donald Trump
WASHINGTON, DC – OCTOBER 12: President Donald Trump speaks before signing an executive order on health care in the Roosevelt Room at the White House in Washington, DC on Thursday, Oct. 12, 2017. (Photo by Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

The most polarizing figure in North America remains as such. His name is Donald J. Trump. But the polarization you see today is not nearly what it was sixteen months ago…or even 6 months ago for that matter. Why does it still feel that way? Simply put, there are still a good chunk of very powerful, yet very myopic, people still blowing that trumpet! While the large constituency of “Never-Trumpers” has been reduced down to a group that fits into my neighbors garage ready to start their weekly public television show, the MSM is still sounding the alarms of doom over our president. Along with the many Hollywood elitists, the race-pimps, George Soros (whom we’ll deal with later), and a guy named Michael Moore, there just isn’t the mass rebellion the MSM is wasting precious airtime over.

Of course, that’s the rub. as James O’Keefe pointed out in his work unveiling the inner-workings of WAPO. In those priceless videos, we find that as much as the MSM hates Trump, they are spending mass dollars and airtime on Trump. Why? Trump’s name sells! And now for proof, here I am talking about Trump, again, because I want to discuss what the big deal is; and it is a big deal!

Let’s circle back to George Soros. He is still trying desperately to keep his collectivist/open society ideas fluid and full of vigor. Trump’s nationalist positions fly in the face of the Soros Army, as demonstrated at Davos last week. It also keeps the Obama Agenda alive, which was attempting to remake us into a third world country. If Trump succeeds, the Soros brigade will have to duck tail and find another world power to infiltrate (you’ve been warned, Great Britain).

House Intel Committee Meeting

Then you have what I refer to as UPSOTU (Unusual People’s State of the Union). This group is made up of a lot of misfit toys from Hollywood Island and a big mouth, socialist hypocrite, Michael Moore, whom have made all of their fame and fortune only because they live in a free nation that thrives when capitalism thrives along with it.

Finally, there is this litle knick-knack known as “the memo”. And unless you just don’t get out much, it is the hottest topic in America. Well, last evening the House Intel Committee voted to reveal the contents of the internal memo, as they did not determine there to be anything that would endanger national security in doing so, And given the fact that both sides agree that the DoJ and FBI have been embroiled in a scandal that is disruptive to justice and the departments in which they operate, why would anyone not want the American people to know what is in it?

George Soros

The answer is simple: Trump will win again and their political ideology, which has banked on trump’s failure, crumbles to the ground as the foundation will take a direct hit! And if what is rumored to be in this memo is even true in small part, this collectivist, tribalist, open society group will be sent reeling, unlikely to come back with anything necessary to sustain momentum to have Trump removed from office.

And that is the real agenda of those folks. They truly are against America if they want a sitting president to fail so badly that they would histrionically parade around the idea that Trump is not fit for office. If they really cared about America, the country that is responsible for making them all rich & famous, they would say, “You know, I was against the president winning for (whatever reason here). But now that he is the president, I’m betting on America and support him 100%. I do so knowing that if he wins, America wins!” But that is not what you hear. And it’s truly sad. This thing called partisanship is so powerful that we will beat our chest to prove we are right and watch America fail just to say, “See, I told you so!”. If you wonder why I say Narcissism and Partisanship are the biggest problems in America, this is why.

So I challenge everyone of you to watch the REAL SOTU tonight with a heart that supports America; even if there is a part of you that still can’t get over whatever you think Donald J. Trump is. And put your partisanship aside the next few weeks. And let’s honestly listen to what is in the memo, histrionics aside, party aside, ideology aside, and seek the truth in all things as our God has tried to teach us. God bless America…

(Chris Gaines is an author and Editor-in-Chief for Patriot Gaines. He resides in the Cedar Valley of Northern Iowa with his wife, Jennifer, and two kids, Patrick & Megan)

Photo Sources: Getty Images. Washington Times, Politico

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