A Means to An End: The Rise of Globalism

(This is the first article in a series called “Killing The Nation State: How COVID-19 Was Used to End the Sovereignty of America”, uncovering the purpose and ultimate objectives of globalism.)


Since the early part of this century, the world has witnessed a shift in geopolitical unity throughout the world. The advent of such a movement traces back to the League of Nations, which gave way to the birth of the United Nations in 1945. What began with an objective of mitigating military action and war between nations, has morphed into the desire to achieve global solutions to every issue known to man. In doing so, we’ve slowly witnessed geopolitical oneness that reaches across borders. In fact, the erasing of borders has moved to the top of the globalist list of issues that must be embraced.

But nations in Western society, those that are unique in the way in which they operate and govern, present a great challenge to the global movement. The United States of America is arguably the proverbial fly in the globalist ointment. The ‘Land of the Free and Home of the Brave’ has placed their focus on rugged individualism, capitalism, and is spiritually guided by the God of Christianity, which historically is the roots to all of Western Civilization. Globalism, on the other hand, is centered on the “common good” of an open society, socialism, and is rooted spiritually in humanism, secularism, or (if you choose) promoting spiritual models or religions that focus on unity in purpose which best serves Global Citizens.

In 2008, America chose a president that (probably) for the first time in it’s brief history was standing with the globalist movement one hundred percent…and possibly much more (as our leaders have recently uncovered). But what allowed this movement to progress so swiftly in the last 10 years was the commitment of Barack Hussein Obama; not only to advance the cause through his policy and diplomacy, but his resolute belief that America had wrongly used it’s position in the world to become a global superpower. Armed with this core value, Obama proceeded to weaken or remove the power of the United States in many key areas.


Just as the movement seemed to have few countries within the UN community impeding their progress, along came the 2016 presidential election. Many saw this as a sure victory for Hillary Clinton, a leader that would not only ensure that the policies embraced by Global Citizens would continue, but more than likely would go beyond what her predecessor had accomplished. Out of the blue came Citizen Trump. He not only pulled off an unlikely win over Clinton to secure the presidency, but also sent the globalist leaders reeling.

What would they do now? How could they continue the advancement of globalism with Donald J. Trump in the Oval Office? Could Global Citizens trust a leader of the free world that in every way was diametrically opposed to their modus operandi? Seems that there was a Plan B in place all along…

The evidence became clear after the election of 2016 that the roots of a shadow government had been put in place almost like the box that says “in case of emergency, break glass”. From this “Deep State” government, the globalist movement (with it’s principles founded in Marxism and socialism) could continue until there would be an opportunity to topple the current president.

Enter the Chinese Communist Party. In the latter part of 2019, a mysterious, yet deadly virus had surfaced from the Wuhan province. The discovery of novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, raised concerns of a potential superbug that could kill millions of otherwise healthy individuals around the globe. As 2020 approached, COVID-19 became a priority for nations around the globe to understand what the virus could do and how to prepare for a potential pandemic.

Mainstream media began to escalate the story. As details surfaced about the potential harm of COVID-19, news outlets with the heaviest traffic began to do what they do best- strike fear in the hearts of men and women, while facilitating panic over how to prepare for the pandemic.

Meanwhile, the U.S. had just gone through the most divided part of it’s history since the American Civil War. After the House of Representatives had attempted to impeach President Trump, their efforts were stifled in the Senate. By January 2020, it became clear that Donald Trump would remain in the White House until after the November election. The nation became more divided than ever. Globalists leaders were ready to make their biggest move toward righting the ship. COVID-19 provided an opportunity like no other in recent memory.

If America could finally give up on their foolhardy individualist, capitalist, border-closing ways, there would be no nation to stand in the path of globalism. What better way to teach this country a lesson about how their Constitution was outdated? Or how harmful it could be to take matters into their own hands? Or how they would not be able to survive if government did not provide for them monetarily, medically, or any other measures that what ensure their safety and survival? What could provide all of this better than a worldwide pandemic?!

This is the story of how COVID-19 was used, and is still being used, to finish off the belief in the sovereignty of the nation state. And the only way that goal can be fully achieved is through the cooperation of the leaders and citizens of the United States of America. But, in order to do so, you must surrender the one document that makes it unique from all other nations: The Constitution.

(Chris Gaines is an author and editor for patriotgaines.com.)

photo sources: Business Insider, Forbes, The White House, and Fox News


4 thoughts on “A Means to An End: The Rise of Globalism

  1. What do you think of the start contrast between how the media portrayed the COVID-19 pandemic before the killing of George Floyd and how they began to completely ignore it after the killing by essentially promoting mass gatherings in the form of rioting?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s illogical to say the least. Also, a great example of cognitive dissonance in dealing with the pandemic. This is if you don’t believe the mainstream news outlets to have an agenda that involves spoon-feeding the American people one particular narrative.

      It is clear, however, that an agenda is being pushed to serve a greater purpose. As I shared, I believe the mainstream news outlets to be part of a larger machine that is supporting the global geopolitical unity that is trying its best to redefine America in their image.

      It’s not about a virus; it’s not about race; it’s about supporting a movement that creates fear and panic, which leads to chaos and anarchy, serving as a vehicle for political change to serve those that support their agenda. I’ve defined people that support those views as Global Citizens.


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