Unmasking the Unrelenting Push for Face Coverings

(This article is one in a series entitled “Killing The Nation State: How COVID-19 Was Used to End the Sovereignty of America”, uncovering the purpose and ultimate objectives of globalism.)

Who would have thought that 2020 would be the year of the thespian. Wait, what? Was there another shocking revelation today that possibly didn’t make the “fear and panic” newswire? Not exactly. The actors that stopped performing in Hollywood because of COVID-19, but are now reduced to pandering and slobbering for attention by way of Zoom and YouTube, have been replaced by you and me. Welcome to the dramatic world of mask-wearing…

In 6th Century B.C., Thespis of Icaria was not only the first actor (thus, the English word thespian) but was also credited with creating the theatrical mask.

And like the iconic mask, our use of the mask in the COVID-19 Era is full of both comedy and tragedy. Whether it be the bad science behind scaring (and shaming) American citizens, from Presque Isle to Point Loma, into wearing a mask to save lives, or the updates from flip-flopping Dr. Fauci, it’s been a comedy of errors day and night for several months running. The tragedy is that, despite the lack of consensus from the medical community, we are forcing citizens to wear a mask by way of government mandates.

But why? Can Americans not be trusted to make this very important health decision on their own? Have we not seen other countries mitigate the spread of the virus without masking-up? Yes and yes. But yet we still see the full-court press to mask our faces.

Clearly, there is something more to this than stopping a virus…

Another historic figure who had scribed in great detail about face coverings was none other than German philosopher Karl Marx. The character mask (charaktermaske) was a complex symbol that Marx drew upon to describe how the bourgeoisie (the ruling class) would conceal who they truly were so that the proletariat (the working class) would continue to blindly support the bourgeoisie and their ever-increasing wealth in order to earn a living.

However, Marx had many layers and scenarios when describing the uses of character masks in society. And by no coincidence, Marx vision of the face covering traced back to his study of Ancient Greece, and to Thespis of Icaria. And he applied the usage of the theatrical masks to many historical events. For instance, Marx believed that Martin Luther wore the “mask” of the Apostle Paul during the Reformation era.

But there were other forms in which these character masks were used, as Marx outlined in his book Das Kapital. One of the phases, or steps, of the use of character mask in capitalism was in the form of alienation. This idea was laid out by Marx apologist Bertell Ollman. “Alienated man,” Ollman states, “is an abstraction because he has lost touch with all human specificity. He has been reduced to performing indistinguishable work on humanly indistinguishable objects among people deprived of their human variety and compassion.”

Ollman’s description of the alienation process, in the bigger picture, as “the power that money has in capitalist societies, the buying of objects which could never have been sold had they remained integral components of their producer.” This leads to an end game, in Ollman’s view, that justifies communism as a way to bring those afflicted, routine performers of labor back together as one.

“If alienation is the splintering of human nature into a number of misbegotten parts, we would expect communism to be presented as a kind of reunification. And this is just what we find.”

Shiela Fitzpatrick is an author and professor of History of the Soviet Union. She described in one of her books how a “masking” and “unmasking” of classes were critical in two major Soviet revolutions during the twentieth century. She described how concealing one’s identity during the Bolshevik Revolution was used as a form of self-preservation. Eventually, during such a revolution, citizens would inevitably have to reveal who they are and “tear off the mask”.

Since the early days of COVID-19 spreading across America, we find that the powers that be have exploited each event using the beliefs of Karl Marx to accomplish their objectives. We’ve witnessed the shutting down of our economy, or halting production. We’ve watched hard-working citizens lose their jobs and businesses. This government overreach lead to many destructive events, which included a disruption in the supply chain of beef, pork, and many other commodities that our farmers had to dispose of when the demand was stopped.

We’ve witnessed unprecedented uprisings in the form of BLM and Antifa, both domestic terrorist organizations who’ve all but stated they are Marxists acting on behalf of the people in which they have deemed are oppressed. They have ordained themselves with the tasks of righting the wrongs of society (within their worldview) with mass aggression and unspeakable acts of violence, leveled on entities and even random citizens, whom had brought them no harm.

And many of them are doing so under the anonymity which can only be provided by a mask! Yet, the dominate conversation on mainstream news outlets and social media alike continues to be about how masks save lives and must be worn to prevent the spread of a virus. A virus that has become so politicized that mask-wearing has been identified solely with leftists, while choosing not to cover ones face as seen as right-wing ideology.

So it is conceivable or even realistic to draw comparisons to the mask-wearing of today with the character (or personality) masks described in Marxism. And while many will continue to argue over whether or not these face coverings should be worn to mitigate a virus, I see the mass hysteria and groupthink of mask wearing as an identity that was conceived out of a cultural revolution. The question is are the globalist that are using the vehicle of Marxism and force-fed socialism behind the fueling of this mask hysteria? And are they using it to spark a revolution that challenges the rule of law in America? Is this yet another way to tell American citizens that your individual liberties mean nothing, and that by clinging to the Bill of Rights you are demonstrating how selfish you are, and how you don’t care about the common good of your fellow man? Is it being used to divide our nation and rewrite the laws of America in their image?

I believe it is.

(Chris Gaines is an author and editor for patriotgaines.com)

Photo sources: Getty Images, businessinsider.com, and artspace.com

2 thoughts on “Unmasking the Unrelenting Push for Face Coverings

  1. willywordwizard July 19, 2020 — 6:58 pm

    I’m rather new on your website, Chris, but to the best of my recollection this is your best article yet. You’ve combined past history with what is going on in the United States today clear, revealing detail that cannot be ignored. There is an agenda toward Communism taking place as its ringleaders create chaos and manipulate fear to such a crescendo that once an escape is offered, it will look like the only solution. We’re truly watching history repeat itself. You got my vote!


    1. Appreciate it. There is a drum beating in unison across America. If we listen carefully, we can hear it. My biggest concern is that it may be too late to walk back this march to destruction. Unless of course, true patriots wake up now and take a stand against this movement before it has a stranglehold in which we cannot remove.

      As always, thank you for your feedback. 👊🏼


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