Global Theory: At What Point is Conspiracy Real?

(This article is one in a series entitled “Killing The Nation State: How COVID-19 Was Used to End the Sovereignty of America”, uncovering the purpose and ultimate objectives of globalism.)

Recently, through the black hole of rhetoric known as Twitter, I came across a man (probably a fine gentleman) that presupposed I should stop thinking for myself if I were to continue espousing my beliefs regarding the globalist movement and what is behind it. Quite a different tactic when you compare this to the endless sea of trolling. How so? Well, as I often do here, I presume you are all intelligent enough to make that determination for yourselves. Indulge…

That’s right. Literally as I began writing this article, his tweet mysteriously disappeared! You can’t make this stuff up. Did it happen because I was using him as an example? Or did he, as a sensible and educated person decide his synopsis of my ineptitude was incorrect? Hard to say. While editing, the original post reappeared. So, just in case it goes away again, here is a snapshot of what the original post stated:

Either way, this moment serves as a precious gift in journalism history. Hoax or happening? Fact or fiction? Real or fake? Truth or Lie?

Truth is, everything in reality must go through the vigorous challenge of theorem, if you are truly following the guidelines of science (which in many cases science doesn’t even follow…theoretically, of course!) All theories must undergo extreme pressure under the crucible in the space between intellect, verifiable facts, and an intermediate understanding of the subject matter being tested.

So let’s test some of the theories I’ve shared up to now and determine whether or not there is a basis for these postulates…

1. “The evidence became clear after the election of 2016 that the roots of a shadow government (were established)…” This was a theory from my first article in the series.

2. Bill Gates’ geopolitical objectives reflect his and his fathers’ views on global population, eugenics, and other health initiatives that are executed through the use of vaccines in various places around the globe.

3. COVID-19 did not originate in the wet market of Wuhan. It did, in fact, come from a Level 4 CCP-run lab in that same city.

Each of these cannot be wholly debunked if you consider all of the facts, information on each, and intrinsic details that demonstrate a link or connection to one another. And even though all of them cannot be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, neither can they be completely disproven. So then the question becomes, are those reporting the “facts” on these events telling the truth?

This brings us to the current cultural and journalistic climate of America in 2020. Where are we to find factual sources that lead to answers regarding these concerns and others in the COVID-19 Era? Well, one place to begin is with the people of America. A large majority have stated that they not only have a grave distrust of mainstream news outlets, but also their motives in disseminating news.

Nearly everyone in media has been labeled a partisan, even when they clearly have demonstrated otherwise. That leaves most Americans to choose up sides on whom is trusted and whom is not to be trusted. The methods in which most Americans go about this is…drumroll please…based on partisan beliefs. (Cymbal crash!)

Therein lies the answer as to why so many in media may be partisan in their reporting. If mainstream news outlets have proven anything they are consistent at it’s giving the people what they want in order to sell advertisement. Personalities, anchors, and commentators are chosen based on viewership, with their collective fate hanging in the balance.

Beyond sometimes obvious partisanship lies the issue of journalistic integrity. Some media groups punish lack of integrity, while others seem to reward it. (Site sources)

Last but not least on my short list of concerns with media is whether or not they have gone so far in one direction, with a “singular drumbeat”, that they may have become a propaganda arm of government. The problem with America’s partisan divide is determining which government are we talking about. Is it the shadow government that is unfolding before our eyes? You know, the one where the “cockroaches” started fleeing for cover when the light of the phony Russia Collusion story unraveled, which triggered the hashtag “Obamagate” on most social media platforms? Or, is it the government that has aligned itself with Donald J. Trump?

The answer is clear if you look at the issue with an objective and unfiltered lens. Earlier in this series, I shared the concern of British philosopher Aldous Huxley. He referred to the danger of television providing a “singular drumbeat”. If we look at the news today with this phrase in mind, what is the constant theme of major news media. “Trump is lying”, “Trump is wrong”, “Trump should be impeached”….get Trump, get Trump, get Trump. But even more than a “get Trump” message, it’s about shaming the people that espouse the shared concerns or beliefs of Trump. Ironically, they have made Trump into a working class hero by working against him as one!

I know. If one identifies me as a partisan, then they can simply say that I’m a Trump-sympathizer. And, thus, explain my theory away with one phrase. That doesn’t work. I was on record before the election as not supporting the president. Obviously, my support for him after taking office has grown based upon his governing. Which clearly stands in opposition to the globalist political movement.

Go back to the words of Aldous Huxley in the interview. He shared the idea of centralized government that could be totalitarian in nature, yet not be accomplished through one dictator. So when I look at Donald J. Trump in the COVID-19 Era, I see him standing for many important issues that I do support. But from the position of the global political movement, the president is clearly standing in the gap of their collective objectives. Even my fine Twitter friend supports all the objectives of this movement, yet rejects the idea that such a movement exists. Rather, he refers to it as “political terms used to unite the right”.

That sounds like an explanation that is more of a label based on antiquated rhetoric from the 80’s & 90’s. But if you look closely at the events as they’ve unfolded in 2020, they have all been used as opportunities to advance socialism through the vehicle of Marxism. And the only major obstacle standing in the way of all of this is the presidency of Donald J. Trump.

One primary question that remains if this theory is correct. What is the motive behind all of this? I can say with certainty that I stand behind the evidence that supports my gravest concern: that it’s about challenging the rule of law in America, about redefining America in an image that is conducive to accomplishing the goals of said movement, and in the end, its about changing or, perhaps, removing the United States Constitution.

The rhetoric of mass media supports this notion every day. All that is required is the motivation to move forward through individuals and other entities, both domestic and foreign, that oppose our foundation of government…and will use all of their resources to achieve this objective. Is it a conspiracy or conspiracy theory? Only time will tell. But I’m watching it unfold with Aldous Huxley’s warning in mind, and our founding fathers vision in hand.

(Chris Gaines is an author and editor for

sources: A.F.Branco Cartoons and, USA Today, and Getty Images.

1 thought on “Global Theory: At What Point is Conspiracy Real?

  1. I think it’s a conspiracy. If it smells like a conspiracy, if it looks like a conspiracy, I say it is a conspiracy that was initiated from the shadow government and now it has come down to war. The presidential election of 2020 will be hand to hand combat with mail in fraud just one of the many battles to be fought. I’m rooting for the individual. The individual that values freedom, liberty and equal justice for all. Trump’s got my vote.


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