Will We Mail-In America’s Sovereignty?

(This article is one in a series entitled “Killing The Nation State: How COVID-19 Was Used to End the Sovereignty of America”, uncovering the purpose and ultimate objectives of globalism.)

If the COVID-19 Era has produced anything of value it most certainly has made me more nostalgic. Memories from the past flood in when viewing a classic film, listening to music from my youth, and so on. One of those memories involves a coach from my freshman year in high school. He would holler many “motivating” phrases (between his diatribe of obscenities) during football practice. One time, one of the receivers lined up next to me would begin to tire out. Coach yelled, “Carlson! Hey, Carlson? Are you gonna pull that sh– again? Are you gonna mail it in already? Focus! It’s April, Carlson. You can’t just mail it in now! C’mon, let’s do it (another rep) again.”

I never imagined that “mailing it in” would become so important nearly 40 years later. But, if you believe the rhetoric from the pandemic-pushing mafia, you’d think that our entire democracy is hanging in the balance, like the infamous chad on many Florida ballots in November 2000. And just like that marathon photo finish, the 2020 Election seems destined to be full of drama, tension, and political games. But unlike hanging chads and high-profile recounts, this election will be about “to mail or not to mail” and “ballot harvesting”.

So why the concern for mailing your ballot? And why has this become such a heated issue? As with anything in this politicized pandemic season, it depends on whether you see danger in going to the polls in person. Or, perhaps, your decision is influenced by your political persuasion. Maybe both. What would 2020 be without America dividing over every tiny issue? And along these lines, it goes back to whom do you trust and not trust.

In order to unravel this issue, we need only look back to the genesis of the government shutdowns in America, as well as which leaders were making the most noise about mail-in ballots. Though there was more than a few leaders demanding we move forward with ballot harvesting, no one was more outspoken on a national level than Nancy Pelosi.

The leftist House Speaker, and mouthpiece of globalist leaders, went so far as to include these institutionalized ballot harvesting methods in the original pandemic stimulus package. See tweet for details:

Adrian Norman outlined these concerns in this editorial piece from The Epoch Times:

“There are three main concerns with ballot harvesting:

One, those collecting the ballots can intentionally discard them;

two, vote harvesters can open ballot envelopes and alter recorded votes;

and three, ballot harvesters can collect invalid ballots and simply complete them themselves.”

“Ballot harvesting is a conduit to a form of fraud that is almost impossible to detect. When most people think of election fraud, they imagine illegal behavior being committed by the voter. But, ballot harvesting can be exploited to manipulate election results, even with no wrongdoing on the part of the individual voter (emphasis his).” Norman has more than an intermediate understanding of elections. So his concern is duly noted.

Donald J. Trump has minced no words when it comes to the potential for fraud through mass mail-in voting. But, just as his they do over every issue, Trump’s political opponents continually raise suspicion over his motives. Many are being led to believe that by making it more difficult to use mail-in ballots, along with the postmaster general “slowing down” the mail, President Trump is abusing his power to change the outcome of an election.

This is simply another attempt to upend the presidency by creating a narrative that the president is a lawbreaker. Just as the previous attempts could not pass the smell test, this campaign to destroy Trump’s campaign has a similar wreak to it. If we’ve learned anything about the centralized globalist government movement, which utilizes Marxism as a vehicle and results in socialism replacing capitalism, there is a relentless push to oust Donald J. Trump.

Remember back in the first article our discussion about this movement and how Barack Obama had opened the floodgates through weakening the position of the United States, thus becoming the dream candidate to undo America’s sovereignty. Why was this so critical? Through diminishing the importance of our individual liberties, we continue to allow the advancement of nefarious globalist entities to exercise power over us as citizens. The Trump Presidency has served to reverse that trend with nearly every move. COVID-19 presented one final opportunity to demonstrate to citizens just how dangerous the world is and how your freedoms are a danger to others.

Trump’s opposition has used fear consistently and thoroughly to scare citizens into insisting on mail-in ballots. Fear of a virus. Fear of Trump abusing power. Fear of what could happen if we don’t all follow along. But the fear has been delivered through mainstream news outlets. And the centralized globalist government movement is feeding off the narrative of a media that is providing the same drumbeat on nearly all fronts.

Fear of the president’s motives have been all but been squashed leading up to the pandemic. So what we have to fear as citizens is the Pravda-esque news media and the globalist leaders motive. And that directive has been consistent: you’re individual liberties are a selfish waste of time. They are trying to get you on the side of Global Citizen. The side that is dead set on ousting Donald Trump at all cost.

There is not only a concern of mass voter fraud for these reasons, but there has been evidence of this happening in both the 2020 primaries and 2018 elections. If the trend of Marxism in America continues, there is every reason to think that election fraud would be part of the plan. The evidence is clear. No matter what you may think personally of Donald J. Trump, he is standing in the gap of a relentless Marxist push for centralized globalist government, which leads to an end to our sovereignty.

The nation-state ideals are no longer needed for world government to attain dominance. But one country’s sovereignty, though she may be frail, is standing in the gap of history. And the only person that has the power to stop that movement is our current president. The presidency will not end the threat of centralized global governing. But it will allow our citizens a say in the outcome. Unless, of course, you simply want to mail it in…

(Chris Gaines is an author and editor for patriotgaines.com)

photo sources: The Epoch Times

2 thoughts on “Will We Mail-In America’s Sovereignty?

  1. There are legitimate reasons for absentee-voting and mail ins, but these should be the exceptions, not the rule. In view of all the recent voluminous incidence of corruption, opening this door defies reason. I say ‘get out and vote’. There’s a 99.8% you will survive the ordeal. What’s more, you’ll be proud of yourself. Go out and vote! Excellent article, Chris.


    1. Thank you, Sir. Appreciate the read.


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