Living with the Virus: My Approach to COVID-19

It was January 1972. On a cold, rainy day in Southern California, I encountered a disease that I thought as a four year old boy would certainly end my life. It was called asthma. Back then, doctors knew how to describe what was happening. However, as it turned out, they knew little about what caused it.

My parents drove me to Long Beach Memorial Hospital to get some medication that could help me breath without straining and gasping for air. When people say “I can’t breath”, that’s the day that comes to mind. It is the scariest feeling I can imagine. Fortunately, the doctors were able to get my lungs relaxed and breathing normal. Albeit, through the use of powerful stimulants that are not even on the market now!

What they weren’t able to necessarily explain was how it started. It generated a great deal of fear as a result of that experience. Fear of not knowing what started it. Fear of how to control it. Fear of the unknown, in a nutshell.

As February turned into March, 2020 generated a similar fear to that first asthma attack. SARS CoV-2 had originated in China. But that was the extent of what we knew for certain. The narrative from there has turned 2020 into the nightmare that everyone wished they had the hindsight to foresee. And though I could not know whether I would catch the virus, I most certainly was at-risk. According the the federal guidelines originally shared through the now famous White House Coronavirus Task Force (WHCVTF), I qualified in five of ten categories for underlying medical conditions that placed me at greater risk than an healthy individual.

From before the government shutdowns began, fear and panic was the narrative of this mysterious microbe that came from a lab in China. (No, not the wet market in Wuhan like we were told over and over again). The fear was heightened by the ever-changing reports from all fronts in the world of science and medicine. But if there is one thing I’ve learned in life, fear can cripple you and your ability to fight off infection.

By late April, I’d seen enough. Government scientists telling us to do this do that, and then changing the story nearly every day. Then, they began to blow apart every possible way to treat the virus and it’s symptoms. All we were left with was to hide from it, social distance if we had to leave our residence, and avoid large groups altogether. This was not good enough for me. All we were left with was basically this unfiltered government message: “Don’t do anything! You could get infected. And if you weren’t, you could unknowingly infect others. Shelter in place until further instructions!” That’s a strategy based on fear and control. That’s not a strategy. That’s a command!

So I set out on a journey of how to handle this; both for my family and myself. So here was my approach:

1. Keep your immune system as healthy as you can. Get plenty of rest. Regular exercise. Eat right. Hydrate properly. Get plenty of sleep.

2. Practice Good Hygiene.

3. Practice daily health and sanitation with cleanliness around the house, and with food preparation and storage.

4. Follow the original government guidelines sent out in March by the WHCVTF. (See 30 days to slow the spread)

These four were the rules of our house. What follows was my personal approach based upon my own research and what is best for my underlying health conditions:

5. Plan on getting COVID-19.

6. Be proactive in treating before infection can settle in the lungs.

7. Avoid pneumonia at all costs, vaccines be damned!

8. Trust God to provide healing. In my Savior, I have everything I need for life.

9. Give yourself plenty of time to recover to prevent a relapse of symptoms.

10. Continue to follow guidelines that are reasonable to keep yourself and family safe. But, above all, be sure to live your life to the fullest with no fear, for that is no way to live.

I can tell you that after following my strategy, I did catch COVID-19. And I did defeat it.

So let me provide you an addendum to why I included item 5-10 as part of my strategy.

Item #5. Plan on getting COVID-19. The reports were clear: this virus was extremely contagious. But, as a rule, viruses that are very contagious are often less deadly. And the true numbers were affirming that narrative. So since my immune system was already compromised, the best I could do would be to stay healthy, but expect to catch it.

Item #6. Be proactive in treating before infection can settle in the lungs. As an asthmatic, breathing can be a challenge any day. Combine this with yearly bouts of bronchitis and multiple bouts of pneumonia in the last ten years, left me focusing on one life-saving strategy: treat the lungs early and often. The clues on how to do this were given by this doctor in Texas that had claimed to have 100% success in treating all patients that tested positive for the virus. Not one doctor to this point could make that claim. But it wasn’t simply the success that sold me. It was the medicinal approach in which there was precedent and common sense applied in using this as treatment.

Item #7. Avoid pneumonia at all cost. When I went to the doctor to treat what I believed to be an infection in my lungs that was exactly like bronchitis, the attending doctor agreed. She prescribed me what I needed based on prior success. It happened to be in line with the treatment used by the doctor in Texas*. While I was there, they gave me a COVID-19 test. I found out I was positive two days later. So at this point I made sure I was following the Texas doctor’s plan along with using the supplements that I had been using all along to boost my immune system.

Item #8. Trust God to provide healing. In my Savior, I have everything I need for life. In following through with this, I shared my positive test with many friends within my circle of faith. Through prayer and focusing on my trust in the Savior, I was able to recover. There is no way to measure the value of this step. But I can tell you without it, all the other steps do not matter.

Item #9. Give yourself plenty of time to recover from it. I can confirm that what is being said is true about this virus- it affects everyone differently. For instance, I never once had fever. And I always had my sense of taste, though at the peak of illness it was not my strong suit. Now that I am a week into recovering, the process is slow. Though the major symptoms have disappeared, tiredness, lethargy, and rapid-onset fatigue are common. Just plan on taking the next week or two where you can stop what you are doing and just rest until your body is ready to go again.

Item #10. (Skipping to the chase) Live your life without fear. I’m not telling you to ignore all those things you’ve been told are necessary. But you need to return to a routine, which includes not hiding from a virus. Once I was deemed safe to not isolate any more, I’m taking walks, I’m going out to eat with family, I’m showing my face (literally) every chance I get.

I refuse to be afraid. I will not let an invisible threat stop me or my family from living our lives. There is nothing to gain from it! No limit of following guidelines kept me from getting the virus. It found me. It’s OK. God gave us an amazing gift called the human immune system. It’s made to fight off things like COVID-19. Is there a risk? Absolutely. Are some more in danger than others? You bet. Does it help me to be scared and worry about every little thing I do? Never will it be so!

There is a difference between being smart and simply following in fear what people are telling you. Do the research. Know you’re own health. Assess your health honestly. Device a plan. But don’t stop living the miracle God has given you.

(Chris Gaines is an author an editor for

Illustrations courtesy of The Epoch Times and The White House

Our series on Killing The Nation State: How COVID-19 was used to end the sovereignty of America will continue next week.

*-Treatment revealed by Dr. Richard Bartlett. All available videos revealing his treatment have been scrubbed from all social media platforms. You can use this link to hear his plan. For any video or transcript that has been banned on social media and other popular sites, please go to for peer-to-peer sharing of content that has been removed from all other platforms.

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