Gaslighting the Patriot Movement: The False Narrative of January 6th (Pt 1)

(This is a four article series to help discover the truth behind what took place at the US Capitol one year ago on January 6, 2021)

Protestors gather in front of the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

“My life has been torn apart. I regularly receive violent death threats. It has prevented me from returning to my work…I lost all my social media and any ability to engage in commerce online.” Such is the life of one Ali Alexander. The man behind the movement known as Stop the Steal has become a target of the federal government. What is his crime? According to reports, inciting a deadly insurrection on the US Capitol Building one year ago. But how could one man, who has organized over 500 rallies which never had an incident of violence, be guilty of such an egregious act? Federal authorities, headed by the incoming Biden Administration, have deemed Ali and other persons of interest at the Capitol that day as “violent insurrectionists”.

This event was also reported as a “deadly insurrection” on the US Capitol Building. But that report was false. (An issue we will address later on in the series). Such is the case with establishment media, which I have defined as propagandist media based on their alignment in purpose and ideology. Some journalists have labeled this event as “worse then 9/11”. One reporter called it “MAGA blood libel”. These are outrageous claims to say the least. It is clear in my assessment, given the evidence surrounding the event that day, that this narrative is false. So I am here as a citizen journalist attempting to do my due-diligence in determining what really happened that day if it wasn’t “violent insurrection”.

In the COVID-19 Era, we’ve witnessed a singular purpose, a oneness if you will, of the establishment propagandist media in focusing our attention on their narrative. We’ve watched Big Tech follow suit in this solidarity of ideology. So naturally that makes many citizens suspicious about the narrative the propagandist media was feeding us from the moment a protestor set foot on the Capitol grounds. Nevertheless, January 6, 2021, was an historical day unlike few others in recent history. And clearly there was a significant event taking place at the Capitol that was cause for concern. But was the event that actually took place as described by the one-sided media true? Was it planned and executed by an angry mob that demanded Trump remain in office regardless of the outcome?

“I know what it’s like to grow up in America in post-9/11 as Arab. And I know what it’s like post-January 6 as a Trump supporter.” –

Ali Alexander, political strategist and organizer of Stop The Steal.

One thing we all want as citizens is answers about that day. Many that follow the given narrative, I presume, already know the answer and are satisfied with what has been reported. If you know me at all, I would not be one of those people! I’m still looking for answers one year later. And I’m not at all satisfied with the answers that both our government and propagandist media (PM) are feeding us. That is what I’m here to do, and hopefully help you find as well; answers.

When it comes to learning any subject matter, it is critical to ask the right questions. In this series, I will drill-down in hopes of finding answers to the questions that I, and many citizens that I’ve talked to about the events that day, have determined to be the most important questions about January 6. These are the questions I hope to help answer:

  • Was there a violent insurrection by Trump supporters on the US Capitol as widely reported, or was there evidence there may have been something else?
  • Did Donald J. Trump incite and implore supporters to storm the Capitol Building through violent insurrection, or was there evidence that he was telling his supporters something else?
  • Did our government, along with the establishment media, instigate and incite the events on January 6 to be something it was not intended to be? And if so, was there a motive or purpose in doing so?

Let’s examine the first question based on the reporting from that day and the days that followed. Federal investigators had targeted a few activist groups from the beginning. There were two groups in particular that appear to be a primary focus of the FBI, along with their leaders. Stewart Rhodes, the founder of Oath Keepers, and Ali Alexander (Stop the Steal) were marked as ‘conspirators’ and ‘instigators’ that day at the Capitol. But when I looked into the role of both of these men, I discover something peculiar about each. Let’s go back to Alexander’s story:

“I’ve been told I’m a white nationalist. Me!”, Alexander says with a look of disbelief, as he casually shows his non-white skin color. “I’ve been told that Stop the Steal is a movement of white supremacy.” The interview, from Tucker Carlson’s documentary about January 6 called ‘Patriot Purge’, with Alexander, goes on to point out that many that were part of Stop the Steal came from the Bernie Sanders camp. They also believe, like the Trump loyalists, that the election was rigged against Sanders in favor of making Biden the nominee for the democrats. “And what it proved was that we were a bipartisan movement that had a spectrum of beliefs…centered around one thing…elected officials should count (votes) transparently.”

The interview includes a never-before-seen conference call involving many members of Congress to remind them to share about the rally at the Capitol on social media. Seems like a very transparent leader. But never on these calls did he mention violence, storming the Capitol, or anything related to insurrection. He also had a permit to be there (Lot 8).

Ali and his group were still listening to the president, as Stop The Steal rally attendees were reportedly positioned ”front and center” when the president was still giving his speech near the Ellipse. Alexander was informed that things were getting out of hand at the Capitol. He was approached by Trump’s people (according to reports) that he should head over there to see if he could de-escalate the situation.

By the time Ali had arrived near the steps of the Capitol, the group that included slain Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt had long been in the Capitol building. It was too late. Thousands of protestors and other people that, perhaps, had ulterior motives, had already forged past Capitol Police and the barriers that had been placed around the perimeter of the Capitol building. But if Alexander had organized insurrection, why was he seen trying to stop people from entering? And why did the actual breech of the Capitol building take place long before Trump had finished his speech? And who were the people entering the Capitol well in advance of the main group of Trump protestors?

Tomorrow, we will examine the scene that involved the first group of people entering the Capitol. In addition, we will introduce other potential players in the crowd of so-called insurrectionists, and provide more background from people who were there.

(Chris Gaines is an author and editor for

Sources: Tucker Carlson, Patriot Purge, and other media with imbedded links provided in article.

Photo sources: Daily Caller,, and C-Span

2 thoughts on “Gaslighting the Patriot Movement: The False Narrative of January 6th (Pt 1)

  1. Now here is something they don’t tell you! I appreciate how you highlight the nuanced groups that were present on this day! The media bundles them all into one group – white supremacist Trump supports! The media also does not break down various timelines, they don’t do any investigating or critical thinking themselves. It is almost like, whatever happens, they are going to try and fit it into their narrative one way or another, rather than doing their own due diligence and trying to present the truth!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. John,

      Appreciate the read. As you can see in my narrative, my biggest criticism is directed toward the establishment media. Many still refer to them as the mainstream media. That term is outdated. My definition in referring to them as Propagandist Media (PM), is much more accurate in that establishment media is only interested in a single narrative. There is no room for any differing opinions any more. And if citizens are truly paying attention to that narrative, they can recognize a oneness in the narrative coming from the part of our government that is responsible towards steering into the lane of world government. And with the Biden Administration at the wheel, it is full steam ahead to their destination, which is communism through totalitarianism.

      Thank you for being willing to do your own thinking. Our country needs more citizens like you. And that is, in fact, the segment of our population I am speaking to in hopes of an awakening from the collective slumber we’ve experienced in the past two years.

      Many thanks for reading and sharing!


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