Gaslighting the Patriot Movement: The False Narrative of January 6th (Pt. 4)

(This is a four article series to help discover the truth behind what took place at the US Capitol one year ago on January 6, 2021)

Us Attorney General Merrick Garland

The title of this series probably gave it away from the beginning. But after witnessing yet another media circus (that’s putting it mildly) on the one year anniversary of January 6, and reliving that narrative all over again, the answer is clear. There is enough evidence to prove our government, as part of a collaborative scheme to politically finish off a president and gaslight his followers into believing he caused something that there is no evidence to back up this claim of “deadly insurrection”. The only person that was murdered in cold blood, Ashli Babbitt, was scarcely ever mentioned.

That brings me to the final question from our original list four days ago: Did our government, along with the establishment media instigate and incite the events on January 6 to be something it was not intended to be? And if so, was there a motive or purpose in doing so?

Yes. If there ever was a false flag event completely made for television, the false narrative of “deadly insurrection by Trump supporters” was it. And if there was ever a more glaring example of propaganda in our establishment media, the narrative created with precision to gaslight the patriot movement on January 6 is the new standard bearer for false flag PR campaigns for decades to come. The incoming Biden administration, that portion of the government headed by the FBI & DOJ that has operated in the shadows since it was created during the Obama Administration, along with political enemies of Trump in both houses of the Congress, created an event that did happen. Media then manipulated what our government invented. They reported on an event that was fabricated to serve a political end. And they were the accomplices in completing this task.

This, my fellow citizens, is a textbook example of why I refer to what use to be known as mainstream media, or establishment media, as strictly Propagandist Media (PM). And the PM outlets are the ones responsible for building this narrative for months. In short, media built a ticking time bomb and our government lit the fuse.

There are so many facts to support this that its almost laughable, if what is going on here wasn’t so sad and dangerous. But there is so much information to cover, it will require you as citizens to do your homework. That is why I will include as many links to stories to follow-up on my narrative of what happened on January 6 as I can. When you do, it will begin to make sense.

Photo of slain unarmed and non-violent protestor Ashli Babbitt

Our government tried to remove Trump over and over again. And even through the fake Russia-gate and both attempts to impeach, they still could not pry Trump out of office. When Trump’s rhetoric escalated to the point of making it sound like he was not going to leave the White House under any circumstances (making it appear that he was a rogue dictator), the stage was set. The shadow government, the FBI, DOJ, and members of the House & Senate, which conspired to bring down Trump through other methods, knew that January 6 was a golden opportunity. They could tie Trump to the “insurrection”, while gaslighting all that were loyal to Trump to cut ties and distance themselves from him. After all, who would support a president that would do something so unlawful and despicable? I wouldn’t. It was brilliant. And, sadly, it worked on many. It stifled the momentum of the Trump Movement, which I have always said was bigger than the man.

So the FBI was put to task in doing something that anyone that knows our history also knows how effective they are at such specialized operations. We witnessed a foreshadowing – a trial run, if you will – of the fake insurrection earlier in the year in Michigan. It involved what is now known as the fake kidnapping attempt of Governor Whitmer.

Now that the “dry run” in Michigan was complete, the FBI and other agencies along with private informants, were prepared to create scenario that involved actors, professional agitators, psyop agents, and other agent provocateurs, to create a scene that would end in a violent encounter inside the Capitol Building. The other requirement was to find a handful of actual Trump supporters to make it into an event that staged to make it appear that all of these were Trump supporters.

Then, you need the cooperation of leaders that can control what the role of all uniformed police would do that day. And then you’d need the establishment news outlets to cooperate with the government’s narrative to follow along. This would take no effort at all since all of them wanted Trump out.

But there was a strange phenomena that day as I watched on television. No matter what station you turned to you receive the same reel, I mean down to the last detail, of footage that shows exactly what they want us to see. Probably the only suspicious thing that I witnessed from that initial feed was the Capitol Police laying the gates down and appeared to be inviting people into the Capitol Building. And once the protestors were inside, little or no resistance as visible. But the footage did not focus on that. Rather, they focused on the chants, the rhetoric, and the intensity of some of the protestors.

Still not convinced? Here are links (at the end of this page) to other strange anomalies that day that went unreported because they didn’t fit the narrative that was being pushed on us:

After January 6, the PM narrative began to fall apart.

  • There was the Capitol police officer, Brian Sicknick, that was murdered. But later on, his autopsy said he died of natural causes.
  • There was Ray Epps, who went from being a top 20 suspect to disappearing from the list entirely.
  • There was the firing of teargas on thousands of peaceful protestors that had no intention of going up the steps to the Capitol Building until they were under attack.
  • There was Stewart Rhodes, the leader of Oath Keepers, not being considered a suspect. But, many others that were peaceful protestors, associated with Oath Keepers, were being raided in their home.
  • There are many so-called suspects that are still being detained in what is know as DC GITMO under horrible conditions, without representation, and no charges filed.
  • There are still no suspects being formally charged! How do you go an entire year without charging anyone?
  • There is the story of Steven D’Antuonno, the Head of the field office in Michigan that handled the kidnapping and insurrection of their Capitol, has since been promoted to oversee the January 6 Committee in the Senate.

The stories and questions that remain go on-and-on. There is so much out there to cover, there simply isn’t enough space or time to cover it all here. That is why I call upon you as citizens to look further into this matter. Just as we still need to do when it comes to election fraud. We can no longer count on getting the answers from the same old sources. Propagandist Media are not looking after your interest as American citizens.

Finally, there is the gaslighting done by the Biden Administration through the vehicle of January 6. Tucker Carlson laid this out in Patriot Purge as the primary objective for creating this false flag event. The war on terror has shifted from the Taliban, ISIS, and targets over seas, to focus on the new targets of domestic terror: us. If you are part of the Trump Movement, that group of people that identifies with defending and standing on the Bill of Rights, The Constitution, and your individual liberties that were endowed by our Creator, then you are now a domestic terrorist. Not Antifa, not Black Lives Matters, not radical Islamic fundamentalist that believe Americans should be placed under Sharia Law, but us. The political opponents of an ongoing movement towards totalitarian world government. And frankly, they are tired of us getting in the way. Trump got in the way of this movement in 2016. Now, we are the ones holding up the works by merely holding on to our ideology and worldview. This government will not tolerate us any more.

Tucker Carlson was correct. That is why Carlson is the anchorman of Patriot America. His assessment is right based upon the evidence from January 6. It is sobering to realize that people like me are now being placed in that category, under the guise of “White Supremacy”. Tell that to Ali Alexander, or even journalist and host of Fearless podcast, Jason Whitlock, or Herschel Walker, Daniel Cameron, Larry Elder, Vernon Jones, or Burgess Owens. All non-white and all Trump supporters. All of them just shake their heads in disbelief. The Trump Movement is the most mischaracterized movement in America today. But it’s greater than the man, not that he wasn’t a great president.

As we move beyond what happened that day, we must accept that we are entering unchartered waters in American history. But we must not surrender our beliefs. They are not dangerous. They are misunderstood because of reporting. But also a lack of understanding history. We must not allow ourselves to be intimidated or bullied, even by our own government, to give up on our principles. The principles that were shared so succinctly in part three of this series by Eden Stotts, who was there on January 6 and witnessed everything that’s right about the Trump Movement, which may soon be known as the Patriot Movement. No disrespect to president Trump. He, in fact, was right in saying more than a few times that ‘its not me they are after, but you’.

The march towards world totalitarian government has been kept on it’s torrid path unabated because of the gaslighting efforts of January 6. And we may be offended by our leaders comparing it to 9/11, Pearl Harbor Day, or as current president dared to do (beyond belief, really), compare it to the Civil War! But this Patriot Movement is not for the faint of heart. We will not be gaslit into oblivion. But, their rhetoric cannot be ignored.

So, despite the interference, the gaslighting that continues by our own government and communicated without question (propaganda) through the media identified by that name, we must continue the march forward for our nation’s sake. For our kid’s sake. For the sake of our individual liberties which were endowed by our Creator, and are never to be removed. And hopefully, we can continue to win through a peaceful battle of defending our rights as citizens. One without the use of weapons, but through standing firm when our rights are being violated. Through fighting legal challenges, just like the one we are facing in the latest battle against vaccine mandates in the Supreme Court. And through using our voices, as I’m attempting to do here.

The irony to the false narrative of January 6 is that if government and media continue to work together to silence us, and place us in permanent detention just for speaking the truth- just as they have done with hundreds of illegally detained citizens at what has become known as DC GITMO- then they may someday end up with another revolution on their hands. That’s not me talking, that’s history. Let’s hope that can be avoided as we seek divine guidance moving forward towards reversing this totalitarian reign that is taking hold in America.

(Chris Gaines is an author and editor for

Links to follow-up on what really happened at the Capitol on Jan. 6:

Brian Sicknick dies of natural causes.

The only person who died by deadly force was Ashli Babbitt.

Why is Stewart Rhodes, founder of the Oath Keepers, still not charged?

Teargas and other agents were fired upon peaceful protestors by Capitol Police.

Hundreds being held at DC GITMO, many for just being at the Capitol, no violence or weapons.

Fake kidnapping plot and insurrection in Michigan was orchestrated by the FBI. Check this link as well.

Four other possible undercover agents may have provoked Capitol riots.

Kamala Harris compares fake insurrection to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor Day.

President Joe Biden compares it Jan. 6 to the Civil War.

Woman beat with a baton by DC police in a tunnel arrested after Capitol riots, despite no displays of violence.

Troubles in FBI calls for reports to abolish it.

(The best sources for research on Jan. 6 and what really happened are Tucker Carlson’s expose known as Patriot Purge,, and author Julie Kelly’s book “January 6: How Democrats used the Capitol Protest to Launch a War on Terror Against the Political Right”)

Photo sources: The Epoch Times, AP, and Getty Images.

1 thought on “Gaslighting the Patriot Movement: The False Narrative of January 6th (Pt. 4)

  1. I wholly agree with your accusations. I have always believed the entire insurrection hoax was planned from day one. It’s obvious. And now, the same people investigating Jan. 6 are the same people holding back videos from that day which is nothing short of obstruction, to say the least. I suspect there is exculpatory evidence that could exonerate those accused of insurrection and correctly point the finger to those that removed the barricades that blocked entry to the building. The information the January 6 Commission seeks is likely in their own back pocket.
    With disgust, I watched Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi address the nation live and compassionately offered solace to the police that were hurt on Jan. 6 while uncompassionately avoiding any mention of Ashli Babbitt whatsoever. Ashli Babbitt was unarmed and outside of the Capitol. I want to know why Nancy Pelosi ignored this American citizen. Her job is quite the opposite. She’s supposed to stand for all Americans.
    And as you mention in this article, why are they calling this an “insurrection” when not one person is charged with insurrection after a year? This whole thing stinks to high heaven. This is beyond Obstruction. This is Collusion; Conspiracy to frame a former president.

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