“Freedom through less government, compassion through loving your neighbor.”


This is the embodiment of who we are and how we approach issues and challenges in today’s world. Our views are grounded in biblical principles that guide us in our everyday life. Our approach with current events will seek to focus on quality content and analysis from our world perspective. We will strive to get to the root of every issue, but not stop there.

We will take the high road in our words and approach to those with opposing views with the intent to breakdown walls between us, not build them. This is not to be confused with using parody and humor to make our point.

We will be charitable in our pursuits by supporting through words, letter-writing campaigns, or fundraising, those, whom through our motto, groups or persons that are striving to make a difference in our world to help others in need without the use of government.

Finally, we intend to be a voice of the people that represent the hardworking, patriotic citizens of our nation that still struggle to be heard because of the MSM desire to make us the disenfranchised by continuing to marginalize us. And we simply can’t allow that to happen.


Chris Gaines, Editor-in-Chief