Cheri Ballinger Coffman

Cheri Pic 12.12.17


Cheri Ballinger Coffman hails from good Central Illinois farm stock (as she would say). She grew up in Mattoon, Illinois, the de-facto bagel capitol of the world (tip of the hat to you, Lender’s Bagels).  She originally sought stardom as a Top 40 disc jockey, after becoming a radio geek at a young age. But after getting off to a rousing start, it did not pan out. All was not lost, though, as Cheri carved out a successful career working for the State of Illinois for the last 20 years


Cheri is a born-again Christian, but has humbly stated she is still a work in progress. She is also a proud mom of 3 conservative millennials. She has two grown sons and a teenage daughter.


Cheri’s education includes a B.A. in Org Management, and a Master’s in Public Administration from Ashford University in Clinton, IA. Many years ago, she also earned an A.A.S. in Radio/TV Broadcasting from Lake Land College in Mattoon, IL


Other random but fun facts: Cheri is a superhero geek, a makeup enthusiast, and has hopes of using her training and experience to do Pod Casts of her blog, while keeping up with her writing.


Speaking of which, Cheri’s worldview will display her unique sense of humor, along with her independent spirit, both personally and politically. Cheri will focus on cultural, social, and political topics of the day, from a conservative Christian perspective. We look forward to Cheri’s unique takes that challenge your thinking on all fronts.

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