Jeb Williams

Jeb Williams was born in El Cajon, CA (Greater San Diego) in November of 1995. When he was 9 years old, Jeb moved with his family to Rio Rico, AZ. With it’s close proximity to Nogales on the Mexican Border, Jeb made many friends in the largely Hispanic & vibrant agricultural community that defines Rio Rico as a community. And, in the process, he gained an appreciation for both.

The son of an attorney and former political operative, Jeb was politically savvy from a young age. He hasa bit of Perry Mason in his desire to find the root cause to political outcomes and decisions. Jeb is “street smart” when it comes to many of today’s social and cultural issues. It is not difficult to see the passion that Jeb has for all of these topics in his writing.

Being raised in a Christian family, Jeb is a follower of Christ; and his passion for his faith is visible in his writing and sharing his worldview. Following in the footsteps of his family, Jeb has been a lifelong Republican. And although he voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, Jeb campaigned all through the primary season for his favorite candidate, Ben Carson. He loved Dr. Carson’s approach to politics as an outsider and loved many of Ben’s positions on the issues. Needless to say, Jeb was thrilled to see President Trump choose Ben for a cabinet position; though he would have liked him to be in a higher profile role.

Jeb is an avid sports fan and has been since he was able to pick up a ball. As an all-American kid, Jeb has a knowledge and passion for all the major sports that few his age can match. He loves playing all of the sports as well. You will find Jeb attending games for the Arizona Wildcats (the school he currently attends) in baseball, basketball and football, which is located in Tucson. You will also find Jeb at many of the Arizona Cardinals football games, as well as the Arizona Diamondbacks in baseball (though his favorite team is the Los Angeles Dodgers since his days in southern California), both located in the Greater Phoenix Area.

Jeb resides in Tucson, AZ since graduating high school in Rio Rico (Class of 2013). Jeb attends the University of Arizona where he is working towards a degree in Business Administration, with a minor in Political Science. Jeb hopes to continue to hone his writing skills with hopes of developing his own website, for the purpose of sharing his worldview and other interest before he finishes college. We look forward to Jeb’s youthful perspective, as well as his desire to display his intensity and passion for all that is important to him.

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