Kathy Jimerson

Kathy credits her father for shaping her worldview. She would tell you that if Dad (A Kennedy Democrat) were still alive, “he would have left the Democrats a long time ago; just as I have.” Dad also taught Kathy to think for herself, which is why she doesn’t consider herself a Republican either. She believes that it’s easy to join a party (based loosely on platform ideals) and simply tow the party line. But, in doing so, partisans to either party just follow along as they’re told without exercising any critical thinking as to “why’. Dad would raise her with an independent-minded spirit, to question everything. He’d say, “Be loyal to America, not a party.”


Though she was not raised in a religious home, they were taught to believe in God and the saving power of Jesus Christ. She discovered a personal relationship with her savior at the tender age of 8, after her sister attended Vacation Bible School that summer and shared with her more about Jesus. Kathy gave her heart to Christ that year and never looked back. She affirmed this decision by being baptized when she was 18. Though she attended church sporadically, her relationship with Jesus and her study into the Word of God remained an integral part of her life to this day. So much of her Bible study and learning was done independently (as is her nature), which she believes is a testament to the power of the Holy Spirit to teach His children. She has discovered many friends in the online Christian community that share her path and worldview.


In 1984, Kathy graduated from Northeastern State University Tahlequah, OK with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education. After working as a teacher for one semester, Kathy quit teaching for good. She said that she could not tolerate the political ideology of the job. After much soul searching and several job changes, Kathy went to trade school to become a licensed vocational nurse. She fell in love with nursing and continued in this field for the next 20 years! She discovered her love for helping and praying for people that she encountered and, as a result from this experience, she became a “prayer warrior”. “It is in my nature to nurture and care for others. God gave me a heart to do this. And it’s a wonderful feeling to bless others!”


During her time in nursing, Kathy met her husband-to-be on April 20, 1995; one day after the infamous and tragic Oklahoma City Bombing. By September of that year, they were married. Twenty years and two children later, Kathy and her husband are still married and are now living in Georgia.


But Kathy was not done achieving in life’s journey. In 2008, she received her Master’s in Healthcare Administration Degree from The University of Phoenix. Soon after, Kathy suffered a debilitating injury which forced her out of the workforce and the job she loved. Kathy then took on the all-important job of being a stay-at-home Mom, which allowed her to focus more on God and family. She believed that the timing was no coincidence, as she witnessed “an extreme downward spiral in our country” that year. Kathy said that she always paid attention to politics, but took a stronger interest in it ever since then.


An avid reader of all things literary, Kathy has been a writer for most of her life. Although she has not been published, she enjoys writing poetry and short stories. But the main focus of her writing in Patriot Gaines will be about the social and moral decay of our country, and how this is directly related to political decisions and the role of leadership in both politics and the entertainment industry. We look forward with eagerness to her contributions!



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