The King Trilogy

January 15, 2018

In honor of Dr. King and his body of work and service as an educator, inspirational speaker, and non-violent activist demonstrating the appalling treatment of black people; along with the failings of segregation. These three articles were each meant to serve a unique purpose in presenting a broad spectrum of Dr. King; what his message was, whom it touched, and what this message means today.

First, to celebrate his impact on my life through an original family story from my youth. Second, to educate and inform through a timeline of events. Finally, the third installment was meant to present a thesis about how Dr. King’s message is being reversed through a dangerous idea similar to segregation, as well as reveal how many are using and misusing King’s platform as means to advance their own cause; even if it means undoing all that had been accomplished by Dr. King.


King Holiday: A Celebration of Liberty & Family

Timeline of Events: Celebrating the Milestones of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Partisanship: Even Dr. King is Not Safe From Modern-day Segregation