Sheldon Tucker


Sheldon Tucker is a man of many talents. He has pastored churches across six states from Oregon to Missouri. He has punched cattle (herded) and built fences across several Western and Midwestern states. He loved Cowboy Living and enjoys it’s rich history.


But above all these and many other gifts “Tucker” possesses is his love for entertaining folks across the fruited plain of our beautiful country. Tucker- The Music of Your Life is his show wherever and whenever you need him. It’s an eclectic blend of classic country, gospel, and even a little bit of Elvis! Entertainment is his true passion, which was on display for many years during his days in Branson, MO, the live music capital of America. His show, a blend of music, entertainment, and comedy, is a compilation of many of his personal life experiences. But the one experience he shares so openly, is his personal relationship with Jesus Christ. As he would tell you, none of this would be possible without his savior.


Sheldon was born in Greensberg, KS in the world’s largest hand-dug well. His family later moved to Nampa, ID, where he graduated high school. He later studied at Barclay College, where he studied Theology & Christian Educated. After which, he studied Christian Counseling at Western Evangelical Seminary. Sheldon lives with his lovely wife, Jocille, in Kingfisher, OK. They love to visit their 4 children & 11 grandchildren whenever they get the chance. They also love going back to Branson, where he performed for many years in season, to visit the many the many friends he made. But they also enjoy going down to south Texas where Tucker brought his show for years during the winter months.


If you would like to know more about Tucker, or just fancy a good story from this lovable and fun storyteller; or would like to have him come to your town to perform, you can reach him by phone or email listed below. Look for Sheldon to share his Christian Conservative views on Patriot Gaines, along with a story or two, scripture…or maybe even some Cowboy Poetry!


Email:  Phone: 417-230-6411



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