Virtues of Capitalism


Capitalism is the true cure to poverty. Economic freedom will lift more people out of suffering than any other way. #CapitalismCures – Charlie Kirk (11.25.17 on Twitter)


Among the many institutions in our country that is currently undergoing an unprecedented stream of criticism is the American economic system known as capitalism. As socialism becomes a more acceptable political system (even though its demise is well documented around the globe) to many Americans, capitalism has had a stranglehold placed upon it in the last few decades. Though socialists claim that capitalism is a system that rewards only the rich and is driven by greed and corruption for greater wealth, many patriotic Americans (like myself) hold fast to the notion that it does quite the opposite.

The Virtues of Capitalism will demonstrate through stories and opinions from our world that capitalism has provided Americans an opportunity that would have never been possible without it. In fact, capitalism has taught me as many valuable lessons in life as nearly anything or anyone else has. In the days and months ahead, Patriot Gaines and our many contributors will do what we do best; that is, demonstrate through life experiences and sharing from everyday people the many values of capitalism. For over 240 years, capitalism has been the vehicle of freedom on the road to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for millions of Americans. And through educating, sharing, and admonishing as needed, you will see that capitalism should be an economic system that must be embraced if we are to prosper as a nation and retain our freedom.


Chris Gaines