The World According To Mark

Mark D. Pendergrass has been a professional artist for over forty years. Among his many talents, Mark was the creator of a series of children’s music albums, a song writer, and singer, recording many vocals over the years.

As an accomplished songwriter, Mark has composed numerous songs for various recording artists. He has earned two Gold and Platinum albums, four Dove and five Grammy nominations, as well as four Album Cover of the Year awards from the CBA.

He has written many stories and poems, while also authoring several short stories, including “The Green Man of Greenwich Village” (available on Amazon).

Last but not least. Mark is a freelance artist in Wichita, Kansas. He specializes in Murals, character book illustrations, fine art, and sculptures. You can learn more about his work by going to his Facebook page entitled “The Art of Mark D. Pendergrass”, which you can find by clicking on this link:

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