Faith Hope Love

Faith Hope Love (Christmas: 12-18-17 to 12-27-17)

Purpose: To offer positive news stories for the Christmas Season based on 1 COR 13:13. We encourage our readers to “Turn off the negative news” and read about stories based on faith, hope, and love that are /Christ-centered and uplifting to all.

Here are the links to the stories that we ran during this ten day theme:


Barnabas Kids Get a Generous Lump of Cole 12.18.17

Christmas ‘Gift of Possibility’ Brings Hope to Barnabas Foundation 12.19.17

The Color of Love: Chick-fil-A Woos Fans with Kindness…and Chicken 12.21.17

‘My Gratitude for What God So Graciously Did for Me’: A Life of Faith 12.23.17

Land of Lincoln Pours It’s Heart Out to Women, Children in Need 12.24.17

Christmas 2017: Collage Of Patriots 12.25.17

The Magi 12.26.17



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